Hell Week Is Done

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Aug 29, 2018

Hell Week is through. Wasn't that bad. There were times I could have probably eaten a cigarette just to feed that nicotine addiction, but after the first day the thought never crossed my mind to get in my car, go to the store, and buy a pack. That isn't me anymore. Overall, a good attitude, staying busy and distracting myself has been key in staying on course and fighting the urges that come and go, plus 2 sick days didn't hurt either. And I have to say that a positive mindset and attitude go a long way while you are quitting.


And I am doing it cold turkey. I have only Dum-dum's, Tootsie pops and Cheetos to assist me. And I am out of Cheetos!!  (Wonder if I can market this???) I have been on buproprion for depression, but I have been on it for almost an entire year with no dosage changes so I don't think that counts.  This is the first time that I have ever tried quitting cold turkey I think. I have always tried the patches and gum before. Hated that stuff and the gum made me want to vomit and I could have rolled up the patch and smoked it and got better results. That stuff just isn't for me.  I also reread Allen Carr's book and took more away from it this time than the first time I read it about 7-8 years ago. I believe that is because I was more receptive to it this time. I always thought that he was full of crap, that a person could quit smoking just like that and enjoy it. I take back every nasty thought I previously had about Allen Carr. 


My nose has come back. I feel like a bloodhound at times, "what's that smell? what's that smell?". It is nice to put on clean clothes and they still smell like laundry soap at the end of the day and not an ashtray. It is nice not to have to dust my home office every other day because of ashes every where. It's nice for your mouth to feel like you haven't licked the bottom of an ashtray. 


My resolve has yet to be tested around smokers. The only smokers I know are a couple of people that I work with. There are no smokers in my personal life. That makes that easy. I think about me not smoking and I wonder, "who is this person? how are you living without cigarettes? why aren't you having fits because you can't smoke?????". I always thought I would be one of those people that could never quit and I would be smoking right up to the time that they dropped me off at the funeral home. That is how addicted I thought I was. But look at me now, enjoying being smoke-free and loving it. 


I am still on alert though. I know one day a craving or urge is going to hit and I am going to have to hold onto my quit with everything I have got. I don't EVER want to go down the smoking path again. But right now I think I am doing alright. I feel good, my morning hack is mostly gone, I have more energy, my congestion is starting to subside, I can breathe through my nose holes, yay, and my headaches are getting better. I will take everything one step at a time, day by day.  Maybe this is just finally my time to quit.


Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.