Day 3-5.....Done

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Aug 28, 2018

Hey Everybody!


Well I haven't posted in a few days so I figured I would catch up. Saturday morning I woke up feeling like absolute poo around 0430 am. Horrible stomach pains, extreme nausea and the like, figured it was either a virus or a gastritis flare up from all the junk I have been consuming, or withdrawal. So I called off work and doctored myself up and laid around for 2 days and slept a lot. It is easy not to think about smoking when your stomach is so miserable and you are asleep. So Saturday was a breeze- no smoking wise. I just felt like crap. Sunday I could finally take some bland foods without feeling like I was gonna yak. I don't think there is anything worse that being painfully nauseated and not being able to vomit. For some reason, I don't vomit. The last time I actually threw up was 7 years ago when I had the norovirus. Anywho, I digress. 


I am almost through Hell Week, today is day 6, and it has been easier than quits before. I survived 3 whole days without telling my husband off and never felt triggered to do so. He was off the weekend and yesterday. He got the yard taken care of, made a squirrel feeder for my "pet" squirrel Jerry who lives in the pecan tree outside my home office window. Jerry is getting to be a fat squirrel. He learned how to climb the shepherds hook up to the bird feeder and dump all the food on the ground. Naughty squirrel. He needs to get fat, winter is just around the corner. Actually having 3 days with the hubby was good. We haven't spent that much time together in ages. Yesterday was his birthday. We grilled out and had cupcakes. It was a good day. 


The worst part of the urges/cravings come after I eat a meal or heavy snack, I just drink a bottle of my water flavored with Crystal Light Cherry Splash- yummy- or have a hot cup of coffee. Thankfully my brain never matched coffee and smoking together because I cannot live without my coffee and coffee has never been a trigger smoking wise. That is pretty much enough to stop that craving. I still reach for the pack absentmindedly at times.


I am feeling pretty much back to normal now. I plan on starting to clean up my eating this week. The first week I didn't place on restrictions on what I ate (which is probably the cause of the stomach pains and feeling like a bloated cow). I am afraid to step on the scale. Now it is time to start cleaning up the diet a bit. I noticed that the craving for sweets has greatly diminished and I am out of Cheetos. And if I have to eat another Dum-dum or Tootsie Pop I may scream. Candy is fun for about two days. My body is screaming for some vegetables. I have found that I have more energy and I actually want to do stuff to stay active. I helped in the yard yesterday. Got into a nest of fire ants and have about 8 bites on my right hand. Itches like crazy now, hurt like hell yesterday.


Gonna get the house cleaned back up today to my liking. I have tons of blog and conversation posts to get caught up on. I am so behind. But I am feeling great now. I look around my office and I don't see a layer of "dust". I used to have to dust every other day. Haven't dusted since Thursday and it still looks great.  Tons of housework to do this week. Plenty to stay busy and keep my mind on track. 


Next week will be September and I can finally start decorating for Autumn.....yay!! 


Hope everyone has a great day,