Day One in the Bag

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Aug 23, 2018

So made it through day one and I only cussed my poor husband twice, well actually only once but there was a part 2. Can't say it was a cake walk, but it wasn't completely horrible either other than the aforementioned.  I have craved chocolate more than cigarettes today, thank you PMS, I knew it would come in handy one day. I made the brave decision to leave the house and go to the grocery to relieve the bakery of some brownies. Normally I would be terrified to leave my house, so much temptation, but the call of chocolate was too loud. I am proud to say I only came home with brownies, and a pumpkin roll, some chips to go with supper (homemade BBQ sandwiches), tootsie pops and ham salad. I did find some tea tree oil toothpicks in the health and beauty section. So I grabbed those too. Not sure how I feel about those. 


 I didn't get as much cleaning as I wanted done today. I did get the curtains and throws washed. I broke my most awesome diffuser today. I accidentally knocked it over while it was running. Now it just flashes at me all mocking and condescending like. Piece of crap. I had ordered another one from Amazon for the bedroom. It will be here Saturday. I really liked this thing and the smelly. Its kind of peaceful. I am hoping the insides just got a little wet and maybe it will work when it dries out. 


Took a nap today. I never take naps anymore since coming off of night shift 3 months ago. My jaw was killing me and I just laid down on my heat pack and fell asleep. Think I have some TMJ developing on my left side from my braces and my jaw realigning. At least my right sided TMJ is gone.  Started hurting last night and it eased up with some Motrin and heat pack and putting my rubber bands on. It started hurting again after lunch today. Something I must remember to discuss with my ortho when I go back in a few weeks. Tonight it feels okay and I hope it stays that way because last night I was miserable. 


I got some embroidery done today. Still like cross stitch better, I think. Hopefully I can finish this little project up in the next few days and move on to the cross stitch. Trying not to get too many projects started or I will never get them finished. It is nice to keep the mind occupied and focused. Time flies by when you aren't paying attention to it. 


Overall today wasn't completely horrible. It could have been a little better. I escalated a situation completely out of hand. I could have handled it a lot better, I just couldn't shut my smart mouth. But it is what it is, it has passed and day one is done. I have made it exactly 24 hrs without a smoke and SURPRISE, I didn't die! Tomorrow I will be better behaved. 


Hope everyone had an outstanding day!