Last Day Ponderings

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Aug 22, 2018

T-Minus 1 day........


Tomorrow is the big Q day. Yesterday I could feel the anxiety trying to creep in. I just dove deeper into my Allen Carr book and this website, not letting it grab a foothold. I figure I can make my quit as pleasurable or as miserable as I want it to be. Don't borrow trouble I say but I am a little nervous at times. But also a little excited to join the ranks here. I am also a tad irritable already thanks to my PMS. I have PMDD which I akin to PMS on crack. Supercharged. Only a few days of that left I hope. I wasn't looking at the calendar when I chose my quit day, I just wanted to quit. And if I delayed it for another week, there would be some problem next week. With cigarettes, there is always an excuse. That is one of the ways they trap you. But on the bright side I will have almost a month under my belt before PMDD strikes again!


I am going to head out to Hellmart today and get some reinforcements including, cotton yarn, some hard candies, healthy snacks, lemons (somebody here I don't remember who told me to eat a lemon wedge, I will try anything once!) and cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon sticks were helpful last time. I just chewed on them. And I need a new lawnmower battery because mine is dead, dead, dead!! And my grass is horrible. I hate going to Walmart. But it is a necessary evil sometimes. I plan on starting some dishcloths and pot holders for Christmas gifts to keep my hands busy. Maybe pick up a cross-stitch kit. That requires a lot of focus. Think I might grab a few self pampering stuffs too. Also getting good smelling laundry stuff for my curtains and throws  


I am still deciding what to do with my unspent cig money. Someone suggested a jar. But I never have the cash on me and it just seems tedious to me to go take it out of the ATM. I was thinking of opening a separate savings account and just have the $50.16 automatically transferred every week so that way I can see it grow. If I put it in the regular savings, it will just blend in with the other savings. This will be set aside as my AT thru-hike money.  Another glorious reason to quit. By the time I am ready to hike in 2020 I should have  $4313.76 which will be plenty to cover me on my hike which is far more than what I budgeted for so I guess I can use the extra for equipment instead of taking it out of regular money. So Friday instead of buying a carton, I will open a savings account with the $50.16. There, that's settled. 


The husband is out of town for work tomorrow. Thank goodness. Heavens knows he has seen me at my worst and he still hangs around. Guess I will keep him. When he gets home Friday night, I will say "Guess what? I am still quit and nobody has died.......yet". Hopefully, that will keep any well-intended comments at bay. 


Today I am going to focus on an upbeat, positive mood, finish my Allen Carr book and read more here as I prepare for tomorrow. Before bed tonight, ashtrays will be tossed except for my good crystal one I am going to fill with potpurri today and put it somewhere I won't constantly see it, remaining cigs will be crushed beyond oblivion and I will throw everything in our wheelie bin that smells like an animal has died in it. No worries of me digging through that! I only have 2 ashtrays and about 2 functioning lighters, should be a fast clean up. I am going to prepare my list of diversions and distractions for tomorrow. I will be ready. 


Well I am off to Hellmart before the day starts heating up. Everyone have a fantastic day!!