I Am Ready

Blog Post created by SoosannahK on Aug 22, 2018

T-minus until bedtime tonight..........


Today has been a good day. No anxiety at all.  Did my trip to Hellmart. Why can't I walk out of there and only spend $50 or something and avoid all manner of rude peoples??


I am fully prepared for tomorrow:


-A Good Attitude- Check

-Hard candies- Check

-Grapes, oranges and lemons- Check

-Plenty of water and my fav cup- Check

-Cinnamon sticks-Check

-Crafting- Check

-Books - Check

-Cheetos- Check

-My most awesome diffuser- Check 

-Self Pampering Items- Check


I don't expect tomorrow to be a cake walk, but I am going to try and stay positive. I have had horrible attitudes with past quits even though I did want to quit. I think therein lays the big problem.  Practice my H.A.L.T.  Breathe. Go easy on myself tomorrow. Don't turn little things into big things. No nitpicking!! Don't skip meals and become hangry on top of everything else. Ignore the phone. 


I am going to do some cleaning, but I am not going to kill myself. I will have to clean my car and my office because once I quit, I don't want to see those little ash droppings everywhere. I am making homemade chicken pies tonight, so I won't have to worry about cooking tomorrow. I am going to try and sit in my reading chair in my office instead of my desk chair tomorrow. Change things up. Work on those crafts, read a book, munch on some Cheetos. I have a dependency on Cheetos. May have to break that addiction next. Cheetos Anonymous could be a thing. 


My family is as prepared as I can make them meaning they have been forewarned. Tread gently. Handle with care. Give me a thumbs up as you pass by. Dear husband, I will punch you in the throat if you make any untoward or snarky comments. 


In a bit I will take this almost full, last pack and shred each and every one into oblivion cursing them as I go. I am tired of being a prisoner. I am tired of having no energy. I am tired of huffing and puffing. I am just tired of it all. All smoking things will be tossed. Bye-bye.....


And I promise, after tonight, there are no more smokes in the house or my car or my work bag. If I can't get past a bad spot, I will post here and wait for help to arrive which is usually pretty darn quick from what I have seen. 


I want to thank each and every one of you that has commented on my posts, cheered me on, gave me encouragement and provided me with a wealth of knowledge. I am glad that I am here and that I found this site. 


Til in the morning.....