Leave No Soldier Behind

Blog Post created by Sonia2019 on Jan 24, 2020

Happy Smoke Free Friday Everyone


Today has been a pretty rough day. It is only the 2nd time I've really, really wanted a cigarette since I quit smoking 1 month and 14 days ago. My husband and I just returned from attending services for a young Marine, he was 27 years old. Unfortunately, his PTSD was too much for him to bear. He left behind his Fiancee and beautiful one-year-old daughter, amongst the rest of his family. He was a bright young man with his whole life in front of him. Sadly, the 1st time I wanted a cigarette is when we learned of his passing on Christmas day. I'm not sharing this to bring everyone down, but more as a reminder to how short life really is. We all use the cliche, but it isn't until you hear Taps playing for someone as young as he was before you are completely overwhelmed by the rude awakening. It is too short, and I can't believe how much of mine I've wasted by doing stupid things like smoking. It almost makes me wonder if smokers who quit suffer a form of PTSD but on a much smaller scale, because all of the stupid decisions I've made in my life are running through my mind like wild fire right now! (i.e. When and where can I have a smoke? How many can I get in while I have the chance? Etc.) And, how regretful I feel for missing out on important things when my kids were younger, so unnecessarily, just so I could go grab a quick selfish I've been. I wish I would have had the support back then that I have now!


Anyways, I just wanted to remind everyone that we are all on this journey together. Please never feel like you are all alone. If you're having a rough day, or just a hard time in general, please pick up phone and call a friend, talk to a family member, hug your kids, reach out to this community....anything that will help get your mindset back on track. Or, reach out to those that could use some help, as well. As the Military would say, leave no Soldier behind!


P.S. Please ALWAYS take a moment to thank a Soldier for their service, it does make a difference for them.