Smoking is in the rear view mirror of life

Blog Post created by Snuffy on May 2, 2019

coming up on 2 years quit.  After the quit started, it was intensive.  A lot of mental energy expended to stay quit.  Then came


i started Ted to focus on me and my neglected health.  I lost 38 lbs and quit fast foods.  Meaningful exercise became the focus.  A lot of clean water to drink every day.  Now I now longer think of smoking, that activity is in the rear view mirror of life.  I am now having a blast living life now and enjoying what’s ahead in the windshield of life going forward.  Quit, quit smoking and get on with a heathy wonderful life.  Do not ever stop trying.  Took me 12 times to quit and now I am enjoying the benefits.  Good luck to all!me time