43 days quit from vaping!

Blog Post created by Snoofy83 on Jan 20, 2020

So it's been over a month that I've been off vaping, and a little over a week since I've been off NRT! I still have the lozenges around, I'll prob put the 2 mgs in my purse "just in case" but the last time I had one 2 Saturdays ago I realized I was just agitated about life because the lozenge didn't work any magic. 

I started cleaning and unpacking like a mad woman, that helped! lol

So now I feel like I know the nicotine isn't going to fix my nerves so there's no point in trying to use it that way, but if it ever comes down to vaping/smoking or popping a lozenge I'd rather it be lozenge any day, I like the safety net.

Between the holidays, hysterectomy, and quitting nicotine I've definitely packed on the lbs, but I'm not freaking out about it and the whole family is trying to get back into the eating healthy groove and it's going pretty well, I have added confidence after quitting, if I can do that I can do anything that requires will power.

Life has been very very busy, it's been good to not think about quitting and just focus on other stuff, anytime I'm stuck not being able to move much (in class, in the car) I'll chew gum, writing this post I grabbed some gum because being on this site I've noticed makes me think about vaping, which I don't crave at all so far but writing about it makes me feel antsy, it's weird.

Happily my coffee, alcohol nicotine associate is gone, so caffeine and wine are safe places, maybe I'll give up alcohol or caffeine next yr, one thing at a time! :-)