2 weeks quit!

Blog Post created by Snoofy83 on Dec 26, 2019

Yey! 2 weeks without vaping, Monday I switched to the 14 mg patches after 2 weeks on 21 mg. I've been using lozenges once or twice a day, and honestly the hysterectomy recovery pain has been what's bugging me not nic-ing.

So yey for hysterectomies! 

The in law situation has been stressful, we don't get along at the best of times but I was able to retreat to the hotel room and when I went to the Christmas party the smoking didn't bother me due to it being exceptionally warm and everyone smoking outside.

The agitation is much better, I've been so distracted I haven't noticed any all week, and I'm not distracted now and I'm still ok.

Crocheting has been a life saver, I'm taking my bag with me everywhere and I can still have conversations and have my hands occupied or not talk but not seem rude or preoccupied.