Meh quitting vaping day 7

Blog Post created by Snoofy83 on Dec 16, 2019

So still quit, had a very edgy morning. Yelled at my kid, he didn't really deserve it I'll apologise when he gets home, it was just a crappy, everyone woke up late and wasn't ready kind of day.

I'm heading to the store to get organizers for all the paper flying around and I'm going to do their morning chart chore posters so I'm not having to tell them what to do every 5 seconds and about 20 times.

So just ugh, really craving at the moment can't remember if I had 1 or 2 lozenges today but I definitely don't want to run to the vape shop so that's a positive. I'm driving again short distances so that's good, book store sounds fantastic right now, I'm not out of cravings ville but realistically that's going to take a long time and funnily enough when I feel completely miserable it helps me not to use nicotine bc I don't want to start at square one, and when I don't crave anymore it's hard to remember why I can't have just one. Promise to self, anytime in the future I want to vape "a little" I need to go to this blog and read week 1, now I'm off to buy organizers and an apology card for my 8 yr old I screamed bloody murder at.