Quit vaping day 6!!!

Blog Post created by Snoofy83 on Dec 15, 2019

Woohoo! Feeling (hopefully not overly) confident at the moment, completed day 5 and didn't have my first lozenge til 11am!

Yesterday I only had 2, I had a couple of hardcore craving moments but I first did a sucker, then water/tea/coffee, mostly because I really love my drinks and I can't have a beverage and a lozenge since you aren't supposed to swallow when you have it in your mouth. It's nicely inconvenient, I can't enjoy my coffee or tea with nicotine so maybe I'm breaking some habits here :-)

I'm keeping in mind I still have a pretty short fuse and am avoiding confrontation where I can, I have a meeting with my kids school next Friday and am really hoping I'm not as triggered by then, I may have to practice first and my hubby is coming with to hopefully keep me sane.