Quitting vape day 4

Blog Post created by Snoofy83 on Dec 13, 2019

So less annoyed and annoying today. Yesterday I used all the nervous energy to complete a lot of almost finished items I needed to follow up on in life, incorrect bills, missing Amazon deliveries, rebooking a family vacation bc I found a discount code that would save me an extra $23 lol.

I've been sleeping with the 21 mg patch on and it took me a good 45 minutes to use my first lozenge, so that's improvement.

Every other quit I really worried about getting off nicotine replacement as soon as possible, after looking at several studies and another quit site I'm going to let Jesus take the wheel, or Buddha, Allah whoever happens to be available, and just focus on getting through each day not vaping. I don't want to vape I'd just like to be done with this itch in the back of the brain part, which is much better today, but still there.

I'm reading enough to convince myself that the vaping won't fix the itch and the anxiety, it's the cause, and the longer I stay away the better it will get. 

Maybe I have an actual anxiety problem, I read a lot about how ppl with mental health struggles often self medicate with caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, and if I do there's a lot better options than a habit that is messing with my heart and I'm so ashamed of I keep secret from everyone.

Which leads me into that I'm likely to ramble on here a lot, my husband and one friend know that I vape so I don't have a whole lot of ppl to vent to or talk about this with, and I don't want to drive my husband and friend completely crazy with talking about vape and withdrawal constantly. So....this personal blog is serving as my outlet and something I can look back on to see how it felt to quit if I ever think it would be better to start vaping again or just have a puff, which would be starting this whole damn issue over again.