New here but 40 days

Blog Post created by Snoochibooches on Apr 9, 2019

I started my quit Feb 28th cold turkey.

It hasn't been fun. It's still not fun. Every day is a fight. The head in the clouds feeling is awful. Sparks my anxiety. I just don't feel me yet. I miss me... Now I wonder do I even know who me is?

The me who doesn't smoke. I've been that person since I was 16.


I read all these blogs and posts everywhere, day so and so and I feel great. Who are you people? Do you really feel great or are you just willing it through posting. Because I feel like crap. My anxiety is still high, though it is coming to a more manageable level. Now I'm mostly sad. 

I just want to sleep through all the bad parts and wake up me again. Hasn't happened yet...