Day 39 - crabby about it

Blog Post created by Slowonder on Apr 16, 2020

I woke up feeling already cranky! Enough! I'm getting on my own nerves.


Yes, the virus is hard, though I and my family are fairing well. The brunt is not landing here. Yes, quitting vaping is hard. People do it every day with grace. Yes, bills to pay and regrets and goals. No raisins for the oatmeal. No where to go and no one to drive me. The "customer service" line was no help. Normal parts of life.


On the brighter side, I am glad to be able to put my perspective into perspective! Today I pledge to not vape and to redirect my negativity to gratefulness and action. I will laugh at my inner tantrum, because it really is cute and funny that the toddler in me is still there wrapped in an adult package. And I'll feel a lot better if I can help someone else at some point in the day.


Thanks for letting me vent, folks. I appreciate you.