Day 30 - milestone

Blog Post created by Slowonder on Apr 7, 2020

I'm still in a pretty emotional place but I'm so glad I decided to quit and so lucky to have found this community of supportive people. Thank you!


I just realized I'm entering No Mans Land and felt triumphant. I read about NML three weeks ago but kind of mentally set aside what I'd read because getting to 30 days seemed so far in the future then. Now those writings apply to me! Because I'm 30 days in!! Me! I mourn the time I lost and rejoice in the many gains I am sowing.


I wrote this five days ago about getting to 30 days of freedom:

I'm writing this note on day 25 because I'm so excited about reaching 30 days. At the beginning I couldn't even think five days ahead and believe with conviction that I'd still be vape-free.


I quit 30 days ago! That's incredible. I could not have made it without this group, so thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I'm looking forward to 30, 300, 3000+ more victorious days.


And life goes on, doesn't it? Quitting is monumental, but also quiet. Problems are still there, work still needs to be done. You all are probably the only people in my life who understand this experience, that something bad being gone from our lives is its own work on top of everything else. Work I'm glad to have but still.


30 days was a dream for me before. I'm misty-eyed just thinking about my past self, how desperate I'd feel just thinking about quitting. Both to quit and not to. And here I am.