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Blog Post created by Slkirk on May 10, 2020

Alright so I upped my quit date. Here’s why..


I was set to quit.. well, planning to quit May 31st. But I contacted my doctor yesterday, just a quick email nothing too in-depth, and two hours later BAM an email saying I have two prescriptions ready. 

21mg Nicotine transdermal system patches, a 4 week supply. And a box of 100 piece 4mg nicotine gum. && ZERO dollar co-pay with my insurance!


okay then, looks like nothing is stopping me now right? Except me.


So it’s time.. NOW!


Alright, so LETS DO THIS!

...... so that was yesterday! And here I am today with my patch on updating you guys telling you guys that I got this! 3:17pm here in good ol’ Wisconsin and I ******* GOT THIS!


#relapse is part of ‘smokovery’

peace and love