Here I go..

Blog Post created by Slkirk on May 6, 2020

So today is my day I started working out.. dun dun dun. Lol(Ps my quit date is May 25th, so I’m working up to quitting smoking.)


But I figured, ‘what the hell, why not try to better my health all around?!’. So here I am, day one. With a sore ass and thighs and only one bowl of spaghetti for dinner- minimal noodles.


Food really isn’t my thing. But night time eating is. I knew I had been gaining weight because my clothes are snug, my muffin is bigger and my tittes, well no complaints there, but are a cup larger. So anywho.. I don’t have a scale but was shopping at Walmart and decided to open a scale. THE ****??!? Almost a hundred and seventy ******* pounds?!!!! No way. Just six months ago I was dancing around 137. 

im pissed.

Pissed at myself for letting myself go. Letting myself get to this point. I’ve heard you gain weight when you quit smoking. So it’s perfect, increase exercising 25 days before my quit date. Then hopefully I’ll be in a routine by then and smoking will easily fizzle out. 

wish me luck. Feel free to leave some love