Loves My Friends Loves 100 DAYS

Blog Post created by SlamDunkGolfer on Dec 1, 2019

I typed in my favorite website web address! To see if there were any messages, and maybe write a blog. On my front page, it reported directly to my face (as it should) that I suffered/achieved/turned down tempters to change my mind/chose my health and literal higher power over my fiancee/pregnant hormone lady  lolol who would dearly get back on to smoking, and I say this to you, lonely self loathing dying brain receptors, your days are over! THIS IS SPARTA!!!! So I'll be getting on here and supporting my supporters before bed, so how about some worms armageddon on the Sega Dreamcast for a bedtime snack instead of that death sticks. [Obiwan/Our inner jedi]"You do not want to sell me death sticks"  [Self loathing, possibly/hopefully ignorant instigator, possibly a mother, son, demon, or best friend] "I do not want to sell you death sticks" [Obiwan/Our inner jedi] "You want to go home and rethink your life" [S L, P/H I I, P, A, M, S, D, O BF] " I want to go home and rethink my life". I remember that last poop in my mouth, you dont go home and rethink your life, from that last poop in your mouth, you take every step, every movement, every eye direction changing breath taking step, you rethink your movements, you talk differently, you get looked at differently, you approach differently, life is actually life again, im back baby, and I gotta tell someone! My picture on the couch after first few days of quitting, jesus I remember how HeLl It was, oh bad, oh bad, I thought all the trumpets of revelation sounded at once, 2nd pic my fight the addiction smile, 3rd pic, 4th pic my fiancee and I, I'll be eloping her dec21st, before the baby comes, and I will be wedding her fall/winter next year.