Day 4 Adventure (Cold Turkey?)

Blog Post created by SlamDunkGolfer on Aug 17, 2019

I've been smoking for years, a pack a day for 4 years to be exact. Went on a wild walk hell bent to keep the cigarette out of my mouth. I have my bird walking on me at the moment, I dont use him to calm me down, I calm him down to keep me calm. I'm hoping after sometime of quitting I can pick up some more better social habits, to pick up a friend, and understand the ones who are right in front of me, and learn how to have fun. Get rid of my narcissistic attitude, and understand how to handle a question from the ones I love and learn to listen without it upsetting me. I would like to think of myself as not schizophrenic, but it seems like it. Ever since my counselor said I might be, it seems to have gotten worse 10 fold. A tip of advice dont let what someone says stick into your mind, decide for yourself how you are. Ask out to others for advice, and try to find a way to use your tone to grab multiple people's attention. Learn that the answer you get is usually the answer the person who is answering actually is. You may come off a certain way to someone especially a relative, but to someone you are special. When you are reading this, know you are accepted. I am 28, I like fishing, boating, golfing, basketball, bowling, playing guitar, and drums. I've noticed that talking calm, and reaping the effects of people around me are the best I can do atm. I'm using it on my mom and grandma atm I dont have a dad or grandpa around. I never did, I am a ******* son as my mom always says, makes since for it is true. My mom has raised me on true words, and backwards actions. My grandma pays for everything, my mom just tells me what to do. I am going crazy. I am called bi polar, I am always asked if something is wrong with me. I think my grandma is getting old,  I am getting weird sensations around her