6 Months Today!

Blog Post created by SissysMom on Aug 22, 2018

Today is my 6 month quit-a-versary!  This is my 4th quit, my second serious quit.  Last time I made it to day 321 or so.  Threw it all away.  Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.  Started Romanticizing, just one, would be so good, just one.  Stupid Girl.  Once something upsetting happened that's all it took, run to the store, bought the pack and 6 years, 54,750 cigarettes later here I am.  Well I'm back to 181 days, 6 months.  This quit is very different.  I am living my life as a non-smoker, I go most days and don't even think about it.  I have fleeting thoughts every once in a while but mostly nothing.  I am going to make it this time.  I will get to the one year mark!