Day 44: I feel great!

Blog Post created by SisBB on Apr 20, 2020

I’m almost afraid to write this for fear that I might jinx it, but I haven’t had any cravings in 1, maybe 2 weeks. I attribute this to a conscious shift of thinking.


Instead of rewards or punishments like, if I workout, I’ll let myself have a cigarette or if I smoke this whole pack I won’t let myself buy more, I’ve been trying to look at life from a self-care lens. I do yoga daily, not because I’m pressuring myself, but because it’s good for me. I love myself enough to do things that help with anxiety and positively impact the way I move through the world. In the same vein, I love myself enough not to smoke anymore because it’s destructive physically, socially, mentally, and that tiny buzz you get from lighting up just isn’t a positive enough experience to justify it. 


Anyway, this is the first attempt at quitting where I made an effort to change my thinking and I thought it might be helpful for others.


Stay healthy and be careful.