Day 43 Starts

Blog Post created by SisBB on Apr 18, 2020

Cigs are way out of my life! No cravings. Nothing.


Since we’re all working from home, my coworker is sending out weekly prompts for email threads to keep staff connected and yesterday’s prompt was senior pics. This prompted me to drag everything out of the closet to find these pictures. Then I continued going through decades of old cards, letters, pictures, journals, yearbooks...etc. I spent 9 literal hours laboring through stacks of mementos. I am a person who keeps everything. I had cards from elementary school and I’m a few years shy of 40! I threw away anything that made me feel bad about myself. I filled two garbage bags of bad feelings and weird things that I didn’t need to keep like field day ribbons from 3rd grade. I’m not kidding. It was sooooo catheratic! I laughed. I cried. I ripped pages upon pages out of journals, trash!


I highly recommend that folks do this kind of purge. It was totally worth it!