Day 19

Blog Post created by SisBB on Mar 24, 2020

My job gave everyone 3 emergency comp days off. I’m in the middle of that, but being off work and isolated sucks!


I did go skating outside with a friend today, but some other folks showed up and I was uncomfortable because I think one of them just returned from vacation and should’ve been at home. It was a new level of social awkwardness. Then I worried most of the day that the joiners May have found me to be standoffish and weird.


I’m worried about work and struggling with working from home because you can’t read body language or facial expressions over the phone. I try to be the best supervisor I can be, but it’s been challenging having brand new staff and now everyone working from home. 


I’m grateful that I have a significant other because if not, I wouldn’t have had any physical contact with anyone in 2 weeks. 


But... I still haven’t smoked. No cravings either.