Day 11/12

Blog Post created by SisBB on Mar 17, 2020

I finished Day 11 and I’m in Day 12 now- up in the middle of the night again—worrying about some BS from work. I’m still having night sweats, but not sure if that’s related to quitting because I’ve pretty much always had that issue. 


I was so consumed in this issue at work that I spent literally hours re-reading this email correspondence that upset me. I have OCD which makes me re-read everything and then I get sucked into the downward spiral.  The cravings were bad today.


I did yoga tonight which helped a tiny bit, but I’m kind of feeling like I get no relief. Instant gratification coping skills obviously don’t jive with me anymore because I’m in recovery for alcohol (11 years), had to stop taking my prescription Xanax, and now no cigs. 


This group is definitely helping me though. I may start meditating and see if that helps.