A Gentle Reminder

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Feb 14, 2021

~~The world is incomplete without you.  You are here to be and do the you which is only you.~~  Karen Salmansohn


Just a gentle reminder to each and every one of you that you have value...that you have purpose...that you aren't defined by your past but rather celebrated for simply being you.  Truly.  And I remind you of this not because it's Valentine's Day (although Marilyn reminded me it was today),but because we often forget our worth in the day to day routineness of our lives.

But your smile is needed.  Your voice is needed.  Your wisdom.  Your truth.  Your story.  You are here because your very presence is needed.  And it's so easy to forget that when we beat ourselves up for not being perfect or when someone decides that we are not worthy of their time or attention.  At times, our negatives seem to be louder than our positives.  Our battles seem to be more important than our victories. And the balance between what we do and who we are shifts until we believe that we are the failures we believe ourselves to be.

Ok, re-reading this I think I got a little heavy.  All I mean to say is that I hope you hold on to the fact that even in your darkest moments, you remember that the world is incomplete without you.  You are THAT important.  So you aren't perfect?  The world already knows that.  None of us are.  So you smoked a cigarette?  The world doesn't wants the best for you, not from you. Learn from it and use that knowledge to quit for good.  

So many quitters here are truly impressive, magnificent human beings!  Elders, not-so-elders, doesn't matter where you are in quit.  The person that you are is uniquely fabulous   I just want you to remember that when you are beating yourself up because you smoked...or you got fired...or you lost your best friend...whatever the case may be.  Life happens to all of us.  Remember your worth and you will get through it. The world is incomplete without you.