Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Dec 19, 2020

~~Laugh often.  Love gently. Fail with curiosity.  Read with fervor.  Study heroes devoted to being of benefit.  Ask questions.  Be quiet.  Listen.  Listen.  Speak up.  Be brave.  Dance and sign regularly.  Meditate each morning;  meditate each evening.  Reach out to enemies.  Learn from mistakes.  Don't repeat them.  Enjoy real food.  Honor nature.  Enjoy gaps in your busy-ness.  Live with care.  Be carefree.  Be.~~  Waylon Lewis


It's all about living.  It's about 'being'.  Bringing out all the good in you.  Enjoying your many facets.  Surprising yourself with the brightness of your light.  Delighting in your childlike wonder.  Giving to the world.  Learning.  Letting go.  Being forgiven.  Moving past.  Choosing.  


It's knowing that for every positive, there are also negatives.  Being ok with your imperfections.  Loving yourself through the harshness of life.  Holding up others who have fallen until they regain their feet.  Embracing all that you are and all that you are not.  


Laying down your cigarettes means your  All that was hidden by the cycle of addiction will be revealed.  All your characteristics and all your hopes and all your fears will be brought to light.  Your unexplored talents and your long forgotten skills will peek through.  Welcome them.  Allow the adventure of life to carry you into your smoke free life. 


There will be hard days.  Know that.  But there are hard days for all humans.  It's what we do with them that makes a difference.  It's how we handle them and even more, how we see them.  Don't look at them as insurmountable obstacles or impossible odds.  You can do this.  Even when it's hard.  Even when you doubt yourself.  Even when you don't know if you really want to.


And then do the above.  Honor nature.  Reach out to enemies.  Meditate.  Live with care.  Be.


You do have choices.  And life is waiting for you.  So lay your past down gently and move on.