This One is For You

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Jun 17, 2020

~~To the men who make queens of warriors, who have no qualms with loving women who breathe fire and speak in tongues, who see beauty in equal terms and life long partnerships.  To the fathers who raise princesses who slay dragons, who see their strength and never attempt to douse their flames, who show that love can truly be selfless.  To the boys who stand up for their sisters and mothers, who are the glue holding broken families together, who were born from warrior wombs and fight to defend them.  To the men who see us, really see who we are, and never flinch nor look away.  This one is for you.  We see you too.~~  Jesica Noderse


The only fight my son was ever in was when he was 9 or 10 years old.  He hit a boy because the boy said, "Your mom is poor."  He said he lost the fight overall but he wasn't going to let anyone call his mom poor.  Silly little story but one of my most cherished memories was that my little boy was willing to fight for his poor mom   


My youngest son has spent the last three months in the house, even when his friends pressured him to come out and have fun.  He gently told me that I was an ex smoker who was 'over 50' and he didn't want to take a chance on getting me sick with Covid19.


My middle son used to watch the clock at daycare each and every day.  I would pick them up at 2pm on the dot.  I was running late once and the daycare called me at 210pm.  He was crying and worried that I forgot about him.  He was only 4 years old.


I have fantastic men in my life.  My sons.  Who love me without question.  Who enjoy my company.  Who see me, really see me and think I'm fantastic.


They also helped me quit smoking.  They corrected me when I said I needed a cigarette.  "You don't need one, momm, you want one."  They encouraged me to quit even though I had so many failed quits behind me.  "You can do it, momm.  You can do anything!"  And they told me I smelled good each and every day for a few months after I quit because they knew it made me feel good.


Here's to you guys!!  Even if you're not a dad, you're a son or a brother or an uncle or a friend or a partner.  All important to those who know you   May you feel loved.  May you feel wanted.  May you feel cherished.  We see you.  Really see you.