Life Changes

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Jun 15, 2020

~~Life changes.  You lose love.  You lose friends.  You lose pieces of yourself that you never imagined would be gone.  And then, without you even realizing it, these pieces come back.  New love enters.  Better friends come along.  And a stronger, wiser yo is staring back in the mirror.  No matter how bad it gets, better days are always waiting, hoping you'll make it there to accept the smiles and joy that they're offering.~~  Unknown


I do know this to be true.  In between the heartaches and sorrows, I've had great loves and adventures.  In between the isolation and the desolation, I've had brilliant joys and deep appreciation.  That's life, though, isn't it?


We get to decide how to view our lives.  We get to steer our stories in any way we see fit.  And we also get to view other stories with eyes that can truly see or with eyes that only see what we want to see.


My life is going through major changes right now.  My youngest son graduated high school and will be going off to USM in August.  I'll be on my own for the first time ever.  I'm so proud of Jake and excited for his future.  My future, though?  Well, let's just say I hope to stay out of trouble   My landlady is selling my house within the next 6 months so there will be changes there as well.  After 19 years years and countless memories, I'll have to move.  


I never think of smoking to get through anything anymore.  And when I'm at the gas station and I see a cigarette ad, it surprises me to remember that I used to do that.  I forget it.  A friend told me that when I closed that door, I nailed it shut   Was it always that way?  Almost, yes.  In the early days, whenever I thought about a cigarette, I 'flipped the switch' and thought of three things I could do instead that would benefit me.  Physical activities, creativity, education of some sort...there was always something better to do with my time.


For some, it may not be that easy.  I get that.  But when I was a smoker, I never thought it would be easy for me, either.  That's why we all say "If I can do it, anyone can!".  


I wanted to leave you with a few pictures of my children and grandchildren.  I believe with my whole heart that these remarkable people are the reason for me being here on earth.  I always wanted to be a mom with as much passion as others want to change the world.  Now I want to change the world for my family   So with the passing of time and the growing up of my children, I will continue to do things that make the world a safer, happier place for my grandchildren to grow up.  


Now, let's see if I can attach pictures