The Empty Canvas

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Jun 11, 2020

~~Wake up. Wash your face.  Make yourself a cup of tea.  Sit in quiet and listen to the birds sing.  Yesterday is done with.  Leave it where it is.  Yesterday's thoughts.  Yesterday's happenings. Yesterday's battles.  Yesterday's blessings.  Look to the empty canvas this new day brings.  Today is not yesterday and you are here now.  Be here now.  Today is yours for the having.  It's going to  be great.  And even if it isn't, it's just great that you are here.~~  S.C.Lourie


Good morning!!  I hope you wake with a sense of anticipation for what this day may bring.  I hope you wake with a sense of purpose for what you may accomplish.  I hope you wake with a sense of hope.  That you can.....anything!!  You can quit smoking, you can paint that masterpiece, you can grow that garden.  And even can forgive yourself for the mistakes of your past.  You can nurture your own spirit.  You can love yourself with gentle compassion and kindness.  You can heal.


It would be so easy to quit smoking if it were just not buying any more cigarettes.  But the addiction part!!  Oh, it can be hard.  Because we don't forgive ourselves and we don't nurture our spirits and we don't paint that masterpiece.  Instead we hide behind the smoke.  It allows us not to feel anything.  No pain, no heartache, no conflict, no stress.  That's why it's easy to turn to cigarettes.  We need a break from powerful emotions.


But today is a blank canvas. Today can be anything you wish it to be!  And if you're not quite there yet and you don't quite believe that to be true, just know that it's great that you are here.  Here on this site and here in this world.  And let that be enough, just for today.