The Magic of Quitting

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Feb 21, 2020

~~She survived.  She grew.  She fell.  She picked herself up.  She learned.  She became.  She broke.  She mended herself.  She gave.  She tried real hard.  She hurt.  She healed herself.  Yes, she did it all.  And she was everything she ever needed.  But she only realized that later in the game. It was a magical find nonetheless.~~  S.C. Lourie


Yep, it's true!!  You are all you ever need.  You can get through anything and EVERYTHING!!  Including quitting smoking.   It's in you....that power to persevere....that drive to keep going....that strength to try one more time until you get it right.  It's all there.  But just like unused muscles, our will to overcome gets weaker when we don't use it....until it feels like it's gone forever and we don't know how to bring it back.


You can mend yourself.  You can grow.  You can survive.  You can become.  You can heal.  I know that with every fiber f my being.  Not just because I did it but because  the universe didn't need you, you wouldn't be here.  


So yes, the magic is there for you and you can successfully quit smoking.  Be deliberate with your quit and know your coping skills.  That will help tremendously.  .Have your plan in place and know who your support system is...know what you're going to do when a craving 'surprises' you....and be honest in your recovery.  No excuses, no blame, no shame.  Just move forward, create the non-smoking life you so deserve, and curb the impulse to sabotage your own quit.


That power to persevere is in you.  You are all you ever need to succeed.  And that, my friend, makes you magical.