Wisdom Doesn't Lie

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Jan 26, 2020

~~Wisdom doesn't lie.~~  Unknown


But addiction does.  It lies all the time about everything.  "You can't live without me"...."You can't get through the day without me"...."Your stress will get out of control without me"....."Your life will be nothing without me"...."You will be nothing without me".


Wisdom doesn't lie.  Life goes on regardless of whether you smoke or not.  Life goes on while you battle your addiction demons.  Life goes on while you struggle to find life beyond smoking.  Life goes on...period.


I didn't want to waste time battling my addiction.  I didn't want to spend my early quit days thinking about smoking...ways to not smoke....reasons to remain quit....feeling like I couldn't do it....wondering why I had so much trouble with quitting....making smoking still the biggest thing in my life even after I stopped smoking.


I think that's why they say that you may not have an active addiction but the behaviors also have to stop in order to be in recovery.  If you aren't smoking but every waking thought seems to be leading you down the relapse road, you need to re-evaluate your quit.  If you aren't smoking but you feel SOOOO much stress and anxiety and depression and you have in your mind that smoking would relieve all this, you need to think about what you are doing to yourself.


When you close the door on smoking, you need to lock it.  You need to not look back.  You need to bring in other thoughts, other behaviors, other actions.  Because wisdom says "You don't smoke anymore".  So why linger in your addictive thoughts?  Wisdom says "Find coping skills that enhance your life, not distract from life".  So move on.  How will you cope with stress now?  Find ways.  How will you get through that morning drive?  Find ways.  How will you move through your days?  Find out.  Because addictive thoughts will lie and you will spend your life as a serial quitter if you refuse to be wise about your quit.


We can support and we do.  We can advise and we do.  We can inform and we do.  We can't quit for you.  We can't make it easier for you if you have in your mind and your heart to keep those addictive thoughts active.  It's up to you to be wise about your quit.


Wisdom says that life is so short.  Don't waste it by keeping your addiction alive and well.  Close the door, lock it, and don't look back.  Create the life you were always meant to live.