Give It a Wink

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Jan 10, 2020

~~A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.~~  Gina Carey


Quitting most definitely is a challenge.  You can fear it, if you choose to.  You can dread can resent it......or.....


You can give it a wink.  Because you've got this.  You understand that smoking is an addiction, not a joy.  You get that there is nothing to fear.  You recognize how very much you have to gain.  And you're going into your quit with confidence and courage and strength and knowledge.


You welcome the challenge and you rise to the occasion.  Cravings?  You acknowledge them for what they are.....a continuation of your quit.  Stressed?  You know that life itself can be stressful so you use positive coping skills to combat it.  Anxious?  You learn to breathe through it.  Depressed?  You allow it but never wallow in it.


Life is a journey...quitting is only part of the adventure.  There is so much more on the other side.  And you are looking forward to trip   So you will get on with it.  Because you have so much more to experience!!  So much  more that you want to accomplish!!  And it all will be so much more when you break that cycle of addiction.


So you wink.  You're ready.  And it's time.