Whatever You Do

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Nov 2, 2019

~~Go easy on yourself today.  Whatever you do, let it be enough.~~  Unknown


I recently changed jobs again.  I was offered a chance to work with women in recovery and I couldn't pass up the opportunity so I left my other two jobs to take this one.  While I love my girls and love the challenges this job creates, it's a lot of paperwork   On top of that, my son is a senior so I have attended all of his band competitions including the ones he's had while I've had my three grandchildren...we all go!!  Plumbing problems in my home, a son who's been devastated with a short, life has been quite an adventure lately!  And you know what?  I never wished I had a cigarette.  Never thought "Whoa, I need to stop and smoke."


It gets easier.  Three little words but what power in them!!  Quitting gets easier.  And so very much better!!  Yes, it takes time...but time will pass anyway, right?  Yes, it takes strength....but look at all you've gotten through in life already.  You're still standing   Yes, it is challenging....but what you gain is so very much worth the challenges!!  Picture not looking for a place to smoke....picture not having to run anywhere to buy a pack....picture not having to get up after dinner to sneak off for a smoke....picture not feeling grumpy and irritable until you finally get to have that first drag.


So, whether you are breezing through your day or just taking baby steps...let that be enough.  If you need to deep breath every ten minutes, let that be enough.  If you feel shaky and fragile....let that be enough.  You are enough exactly how and where you are today.  A quitter.  Then maybe tomorrow will be even better.  Maybe later today you will forget about wanting a cigarette.  Maybe you will inspire someone else to quit or maybe you will crawl into bed tonight exhausted but still smoke free.  Let it be enough just for today.


Quitting is sometimes scary.  Quitting is sometimes a struggle.  Quitting is sometimes an emotional rollercoaster that you don't even want to ride much less enjoy.  But then there are the moments that make it all worthwhile.  The pride you feel in yourself, the money in your pocket, the confidence to face the day, the freedom you feel from addiction.  The life you now have that you would never have if you remained a smoker.....a life without the poisons, the stink, the chains.


So today, my friends, be easy on yourself.  You don't have to smile if you don't want to.  You don't have to struggle if it isn't in you.  You don't have to reach higher or go faster or be stoic.  Today, let you be enough wherever you are in your quit.  Time will pass and it gets easier.  And you deserve to simply be.  Today be easy on you.