Keep Going, Sunshine

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Sep 12, 2019

~~Wherever you are in your life right now, just remember there is more for you, there is more to you.  There are days coming that are going to show you why it was important to hold on throughout all the dark times.  You are going to surprise yourself.  Life is going to surprise you in all the right ways.  Keep going, sunshine.  It will all fall into place eventually. And if it doesn't, let it fall by the way side.  It was never yours to carry in the first place.~~  S. C. Lourie


Changes are hard enough by themselves but when you quit smoking, change means recovering from an addiction that became part of your daily life.  Or, if you need prettier words, change means breaking a habit that you established 20...30...40 years ago and did 5....10....20 times a day.


Seems daunting, doesn't it?  That's why I don't recommend looking at it that way.  Instead, remember it will fall into place just think about today.  Right now.  This present moment.  And when you are in this present moment, remind yourself that there is so much more to you than being a slave to nicotine.  Remind yourself that there is more in this moment for you than putting poison into your body.   And with those reminders, keep going.


Life is going to surprise you in all the right ways, I promise.  If you keep going and your remind yourself that there is more for you than being chained to when that next cigarette with happen, life will surprise you. If you keep going and remind yourself that there is more to you than being addicted to a substance that kills your cells...your lungs...your will surprise yourself.  You will grow stronger.  You will last longer.  You will feel better.  Because it all falls into place eventually.


And all those 'reasons' to smoke?  They will fall by the wayside.  Because you will see so much more clearly that there is no reason to turn to cigarettes.  No problem that big, no stress that uncomfortable, no heartbreak that devastating that you need to cope with a cigarette.  All those excuses, all those false scenarios, all those potential disasters will fade into nothingness because you won't need them anymore...because you won't need smoking anymore.


Please don't overwhelm yourself with thinking about quitting as a HUGE burden you have to go through.  Think about it as something that just now, you don't need to do....because there is so much more to you than that.