You Can

Blog Post created by SimplySheri on Jun 13, 2019

~~Your faith can move mountains, your doubts can create them.~~  Unknown


So I was teaching my students math this week when one said, "I just can't do it."  Several more then chimed in about how they couldn't 'do' math, either.  It was too hard, they were too dumb....and the snowball rolled. I listened for over 15 minutes as they spewed how stupid math was and it was unfair to think they could understand it after taking so many drugs over the years (yes, they did go there).  And then I just asked one simple question "What can you do in math?"


I pointed out they could add and subtract fractions with different denominators.  I reminded them they could find the slope of a line....the volume of a cube...they could use F.O.I.L......they could find simple interest.  I reminded them how we had laughed as they worked polynomials on the board while those who looked into the classroom had no idea of what they were doing while my students understood it.

Just like my students, I will ask you...what can you do?  Stop thinking "I can't quit".  Stop thinking "I'm too stressed", "Too hard", "No support".  And start somewhere else.  What can you do?

You can get educated about addiction....because if you can't quit smoking, you are, in fact, addicted.

You can build a support system...both here and out in the world.  Join a cessation class, join a gym, talk to your family, ask friends for support.  You will do much better if you have someone on your side

You can research NRTs.  You can talk with your doctor.  You can explore your options.  You can build a strong, solid quit with all those things you CAN do.

As with my students who now think they can do some math, you will start thinking you can do some things to help you quit.  The more things you do, the easier the actual quit will be.  And no, I'm not saying you won't have some hard times.  I'm saying you will get through those hard times knowing  you 'can'.

Doubts build moves them out of your way.  You can.