My husband has quit.

Blog Post created by Sick-of-it on Feb 18, 2017

January 13 was my three year  mark and my husband quit the next day.  On February first he had his third bladder cancer surgery in one year.  He has started his second round of chemo treatments , the first one happened after the second surgery in July.   They say that if he doesn't quit smoking these tumors will keep re-occurring.  He watched me with my quit so he knows to never take another puff, if he wants to stay quit.  This site helped me quit and through me helped him.  He is doing great and said you just have to get your mind made up.  His downfall before was thinking he could have just  one and then keeping a stash.    We have a way to go, five more chemo treatments, and he will have to have scopes every three months for the next two years.  He says he has lost all of his dignit, but I say he is regaining his pride by not letting those cigarettes keep him enslaved and take his life.  Thanks for your help.