Two Years Later: An Update

Blog Post created by ShyButterfly95 on Sep 2, 2019

Hello, it's ShyButterfly95 here, also known as Kayl or Kaylee! I decided to drop by today because today marks my two year anniversary of my quit date. Quittaversary, I suppose? Well, I figured I'd give a little update since I don't really come on here anymore.


I owe a lot to BecomeAnEX. It was a random website I found while struggling to nix nicotine from my life. I found so many supportive people, but in a way, I kind of resented them. I was upset because there were/are people on here who have been quit for five years, ten years, fifteen years, twenty years, and more. I never even thought I'd make it to 100 days, let alone two years. Yet, here I am.


I'm still nicotine-free and have not slipped up. I slipped up once within the week after quitting; I bought a pack, smoked a few, and then gave them to my parents to get rid of. I still get the occasional craving, but it's fleeting. It's usually when I'm depressed or extremely stressed out. My mind quickly does a 180 and I realize how much I hate smoking and vaping nicotine now.


I don't smoke or vape anything except, occasionally, I vape CBD. But I take a few draws and it tastes pretty gross so I don't feel inclined to continue, especially since a few puffs is all you need. I use it in emergency panic attack situations only. Most days I don't even think about it.


As for my personal life, I took a CNA class and got certified after doing two weeks of clinicals and taking a long exam.  We were not allowed to leave class, clinicals, or testing to smoke or anything like that, and I'm really happy that I had quit over a year prior. Otherwise, I may not have made it through. I now work at an assisted living facility where smoking is not allowed on the grounds. I also get to give advice to and encourage my coworker who is trying to quit smoking as well, which is pretty neat!


I hope everyone is doing well. I welcome all the newbies (and use that term in the most endearing way possible) and say hello to all of those Elders who helped me through when I was a newbie, too. If anyone is struggling today, take it from me: Keep things simple. Take things one day, one minute, one second at a time. And don't forget the number one rule of living:




Yours truly,

~Kayl, 731 DOF