Take 2: Day 3

Blog Post created by ShyButterfly95 on Sep 5, 2017

I am officially 80 hours smoke and vapor free after my second attempt at quitting. I can't say it's been easy, but it's also been easier than the last time I quit in July. I did take some more time to prepare, but actually had to quit earlier than expected because the coil in my vape burned out. I called the state quit line and got free nicotine lozenges, which I haven't had to use a whole lot of. I'm wondering if taking Wellbutrin for my depression is also helping my quit. I started it almost a month ago. 


Well, whatever is helping, I'm thankful for it. I still get cravings, but they're not nearly as severe and I can deal with them much more effectively than last time. A craving hits, and I sort of think to myself, "Well, this is annoying, but it'll pass. Not another puff, no matter what." Last time, a craving would hit and I'd start madly pacing around the house with alarms sounding in my head, screaming internally that "I NEEEEEED NICOTINE!!!" Or what, though? What will happen if I don't satisfy the craving? The craving will pass and I'll be okay again.


I think that's the biggest thing that's helped me along so far. My attitude towards nicotine, my addiction to the drug, and my quit has become more firm, but also more rational. I can also see my personal benefits to quitting more clearly. Sometimes I still have those risky thoughts ("I like vaping a lot, it's like a hobby" or "What am I going to do with all this spare time? I'd rather just vape, it's easier") but I'm quick to push them out of my mind. The truth is, it is 100% beneficial to quit and I have nothing to lose at all.


I've been using cold soda to mimic the throat hit from nicotine, but the caffeine and sugar has been upsetting my stomach, so I think I'm going to switch out some of the soda for sparkling water (like La Croix). Otherwise 2-3 nicotine lozenges get me through the day. I'm hoping I can wean off them okay. I think I will since I don't need that many to begin with.


Anyways, I'm rambling... I hope everyone is doing well and that my fellow Americans are recovering from Hurricane Harvey and will stay safe in Hurricane Irma. I'm in Wisconsin so I am not affected. 


Blessed Be