My Letter to Tobacco & Company

Blog Post created by ShyButterfly95 on Aug 6, 2017

Dear tobacco and all of your filthy friends,


You had me interested when I turned 18. You were best friends with my boyfriend at the time, and I wanted to be your friend too because you seemed cool. I was so wrong. From the cigarillos, to the cigars, the cigarettes and the sneaky vape, I was a fool for thinking you benefited me.


You stole so much time from me. I have lost days, maybe even weeks or months at your grimy hands. Not only from the past, where you dragged me outside and to the garage to bond, but also from my future. You gave me a little buzz that I loved more than anything else in the morning, you gave me a vice for when I was sad or stressed, but at what cost?


I broke up with you nearly 10 days ago. Sometimes I still miss you, but that just goes to show how toxic our relationship was. There's no going back, and I'm not going to fall into your traps. I have an army here on EX, and we're gonna show you who's boss.


So go kick rocks!


Hatefully NOT yours,