Depression & Cravings

Blog Post created by ShyButterfly95 on Jul 30, 2017

Today marks the end of my second day smoke & vapor free. I wish I was more proud of myself but all I can think is it's ONLY two days. People on here have made it so far and so long and sometimes I feel like I'll never make it that far. A little background; I've been alternating/combining cigarettes and e-cigs for the past three years, as well as cigars and cigarillos every so often. Now I'm relying strictly on the nicotine patch.


I have gotten so much amazing advice on here already on what to do when a craving hits, like activities and mouth-to-hand ideas. But I have bad depression, and before I quit... vaping/smoking was all I really did. As well as scroll mindlessly through Facebook at the same time. And now it's the same, except I don't have my vape or cigs to fill the void. I didn't do anything before -- but now I'm really doing nothing. I sleep a lot to avoid cravings and because I'm suddenly really tired. Otherwise I just sit around in distress because the cravings come out of nowhere and I can't stop obsessing over them.


For those with depression: How do you find it in you to get up, go do something? Where do you find the motivation and self-discipline to do chores and even make yourself do fun things even if you don't enjoy them? I'm really struggling...