I’ll be brief

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Jan 7, 2018

    Good evening Ex family. I thought I’d give you an update. I’ll be brief.


    I am smoke free, 129 DOF straight through no faltering. WOW. I feel so much better. I can breathe easier. Turns out I have Restrictive lung disease. Not COPD. I am relieved. I still have a long journey ahead, good Lord willing.


     I feel pretty good these days. My blood glucose levels are back to normal. Holiday goodies got the better of my good judgement. I am back into the low - mid one hundred. Which is fabulous.


     I will be focusing on getting around better. Call it weight management, blood glucose management, and the concept of; bodies in motion stay in motion. I just want to do what my body tells me I can do. Keeping my Blood glucose with in my normal range, will keep my weight management in check. Fun how it all goes hand in hand. 


    Thanks for listening.

    Cathy    129 DOF