Happy 85 DOF For Me

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Nov 24, 2017

Happy thanksgiving my EX Family! I have had a great month. I am maintaining my EX smoking. I am not dreaming of smoking anymore. Yea! I seldom think of smoking. I seldom get cravings. When I do it is not as strong. Although, I am only on day 85, I will always have to be prepared for those cravings. Because I am and will always be a nicotine addict I'll always have to keep my quit active and on point. As all of you well know. Here, we are all in the same boat. 


It took many years before I could think that nicotine is really a drug and that I am a nicotine drug addict. Who wants to be a drug addict, right. You see I was embarrassed and pretty stubborn about the whole thing. I thought I was right. That cigarettes are not a drug or else they wouldn't be legal. Along with many other extraneous thoughts.


I was wrong. I was very wrong. Now I am proud to realize and accept that part of me that has let go of addiction to nicotine. I can now honestly say I am "clean" of all drugs. 


I am happy and proud of myself for going through with quitting. I always felt a since of urgency that, I had to smoke just one more and the thought, I can't make it without a cigarette, in the early part of my quit. I felt that way until recently. I have only had about two weeks, that I haven't thought of smoking a day or two at the time. This is the yard stick I measure how well I am doing. I know that I feel better about myself. I physically feel better without smoking. Not to mention the thoughts of always saying this will be my last one; Or just one more and I promise I'll quit first thing tomorrow. I know you know what I am saying because we are all in the same boat here. 


Which is why I want to tell you all that I thought I was different. Because of mental illness I thought I couldn't quit smoking. I had convinced myself that all hope for me successfully quitting was just not obtainable. I am amazed at how right all of you are. I found out that one day, one moment at a time, does work. I no longer have to be a slave to cigarettes ever again. I wanted you all to know, I am well and getting on strong with my quit. I hope you all are as well.


Have a wonderful, beautiful and glorious day today and everyday. 


We're all in this together remember, I'm pullin' for ya.