I’m pullin’ for ya

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Oct 12, 2017

Good evening everyone. The night fall has fallen on the East Coast. I am all in my forever quit at 42 DOF in NML, yayy for me. I am truly not going to make the same mistakes from my past learned experiences.  Enough said about that.


Today was all in all a good day. I got some things accomplished. I ate bad today because we were on the road a lot. I don’t seem to prepare for those times. I will have to incorporate that into my plans. The glucose levels shot up a bit today because of those poor decisions. I’ll be back in the kitchen tomorrow, kicking it.


I will meet up with Dr. Adams, my psychologist for counseling. This will be our second visit. I still have no idea what to say or talk about. Although, I am sure she will have some topics to brush upon. That is what I am not so sure about. The first and last time I had counseling turned out with me quitting. I was crying every session bringing up past issues. I just wanted and still want to move forward into my destiny. My thoughts are I have already been through the past. Now here I am. I want to move on but I don’t know how. I need all my negativity to just melt away and leave a shiny me. I love being happy. I know it can’t be great all the time. But I do believe life is what you make of it. If your dealt lemons you can make some lemonade, now isn’t that sweet. This is me, just sayin’.


We’re all in this together, remember I’m pullin’ for ya!!!