I also get to experience the occasional...

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Sep 18, 2017

I get to see deer, cotton tailed bunny rabbits, red haired fox when things are in bloom, it changes color to black and grey to match the landscape when it is cold, that one makes me a bit nervous because he isn't shy about coming close to the house, yikes!!!  Also I get to see ginnies, a certain type of bird/chicken black and white spotted, a bit smaller than those ginnies are the chickens. My daughter swears that the chickens are plotting something because every morning they gather around a certain mailbox with the ginnies, lol, she's hilarious. I think too much Chicken Run watching, how about you.?...Back to the list once we were all outside and here comes yellow haired mama duck with a herd full of baby ducklings, waddling across our yard from the field beside us to the pond on the other side of us. Now that was glorious to see all the little ducklings. I also get to experience the occasional possum.


Hey what's running around your front and/or back yard?