an awesome story

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Sep 15, 2017

 Listen to this: 2 days ago I was trying to figure out what I could do or get my mom for her birthday. I only had a little bit of money. So I said a prayer that I wish I can give her what she always gives us. That is a card and $100.00 in the card. Well later on that same day my mom came back home and she got the mail on her way in. I received $100.42 from my old insurance co. Now I switched over a year ago. They had been trying to get the check to me, by way of my soon to be ex husbands address. He never opens the mail. He literally has piles upon piles of main all over the dinning room and bar. So they found this address, at my moms' house and sent it to me. Wow, amazing right. God hears our pleas and if it is HIS will it will happen in HIS time. My mom is a prayer warrior. We don't always agree, I think I am not as black and white as she is. I see things in shades of grey. But I gave my daughter a $50.00 bill. And me a $50.00 bill. Then we got beautiful sentimental cards, the one from me has a nice bookmark attached.And we put the money in each card for her. Isn't that an awesome story.