Freedom Today

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Sep 8, 2017

    Hello everyone. I have missed all of you, my EX Family. I have been preparing for Hurricane Irma and Jose. The last Hurricane, Matthew that came through here was purely devastating. We literally just finished repairing all of the damages. I pray for all of those in Irma’s path. Things can be replaced eventually. But to loose someone in a natural disaster must be heart wrenching.


    I have 8 days of glorious freedom today. I am so happy to be able to say that this IS my forever quit. It really is better being an EX smoker. I really do find that being an EX smoker I have time on my hands to be more productive and active. Another benefit to being an Ex smoker is I’m not looking around for those sickorettes when I have to go somewhere. You know that I would avoid doing things because I wouldn’t be able to smoke. Isn’t that bondage. In which my chains have been broken from me. Thank God and Jesus for being so merciful to me, when I truly do not even deserve it. May the Grace of God be with all of us.


With love,