Starting Where I am Now

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Aug 26, 2017


    Good evening everyone. I have good news and bad. First the bad. I slipped. I smoked half of a

cigarillo. I am disappointed in myself. I was just 47 days free. And all it took was to be at the

store by myself. This overwhelming sense of urgency took over. I didn’t resist. I should have run

out of there and went back with my daughter. I guess I will know better next time. I didn’t hide

smoking it. I must take all the lessons learned here, so I can make it through those rough spots

later. I only slipped. I am not starting back. That is the good news. I want better for me than to

just give up and die soon. So, I have made a note of all the triggers that lead up to my slip. I will

use them for future reference so I hopefully don’t put myself in those situations again. I am

starting where I am now day 0 with experience