Why I was Tempted

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Aug 14, 2017

        I was heading out, by myself, for a mocha frappe. A reward for making it through cravings all weekend. I knew that going out by myself was dangerous for me. Because of the store that sells cigarettes is right there. I thought of it but I said N.O.P.E. Something else made a difference in me saying nope. I thought of all of you. I'd have to fess up and face the music. I'd have to feel the disappointment within myself and that on my mom and daughter and son's faces.  That's when I said defiantly not. And I am okay with it all. I'm very grateful to not have smoked. I don't know why the craves all of a sudden. I do feel a little distant, like I can't concentrate very well, in slow motion too. This too shall pass. Maybe I am really in NML.!!! Thanks for listening.