Start Day 29

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Aug 8, 2017

     Good Morning Everyone !!!  I am having another good start to another good day. How is everyone today?  I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful, glorious day !!!! I know I sure am. I've gotten a lot accomplished this morning. Daughter and I are going to get my car serviced this morning, bright and early. Get laundry done when daughter and I get back. A Rx trip mid-late morning. Then all the running around should be finished.  


     Anyways, it is another beautiful daybreak here in South Carolina. God is so wonderful to me. To let me see another day. This is so awesome. I really don't want to limit myself on daily accomplishments, like chores and running around getting things done, making healthy choices and several nice but oh so short walks on the treadmill. I am building myself up for success. There are a lot of people that have it a lot more difficult than I can imagine. So I am grateful for everyday. I can move around, slower than I like but I'm working on it. For me no excuses. I think I am trying another new motto No excuses and everything in moderation.