Day 28

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Aug 7, 2017

   Good afternoon everyone. I'm checking in with 28 DOF. Been good except I've been having moments of wanting, romancing the idea of smoking a cigarette. Those ideas come usually at night. Boredom probably. I know that if I have just one cigarette, it'll be just one pkg. then just one month after another, into years of smoking again. And I don't have years to smoke. If I start back I've been given 18 months is all. So I really need to protect this quit. I'll get some emotional depression, laughter, silliness - which is fun at times, deep thoughts. I guess it's just me learning life without cigarettes. It really is a new me. A new way of living, thinking about things, handling situations and just being still and quiet. A new and improved me. I am happier without smoking. I feel good about myself. Proud even.